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Boarding – Dog Day Care – Spokane
at Paradise Pet Resort – Spokane Valley

Whether you’re going on vacation, having guests, moving or simply need a place for your special friend, The staff at our staff at Paradise Pet Resort are here for you and your pet.

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Free 4 hour at Boarding Dog Day Care Spokane

We offer a “FREE 4 HOUR TRIAL” which is our interview process.

After your dog has been here, they will be begging you to come back!  Up to date vaccination records (including Bordatella) are required.

We will work with your dog helping them to learn how to ‘play nice’.

Many dogs who don’t do well around other dogs can come and play at The Pet Resort without trouble. We have socialized many of these dogs.

We will let you know how they are doing and you can see them at the end of their trial. Your dog will get plenty of exercise and socialize with other dogs. As a result, you will have a much happier and fit dog.

Read the testimonials and then schedule your interview today!

Play At Paradise with Boarding Dog Day Care Spokane

Many people take their kids to daycare – why not our pets?
They are our kids too… aren’t they?

If you need a place for your friend to spend the day while you are at work or an event,
look no further!

Paradise Pet Resort

11420 E. Jackson Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Dog Day Care Spokane Benefits

If you are the owner of a high energy dog, you are probably aware that you might not be giving your dog enough exercise. This is usually the case for people who have to report to work five days a week and have only a few hours to spare over the weekend. Even if you belong in the lucky group of people who work from home, you might still be unable to spare enough time for a truly energetic dog. That aside, how do you effectively socialize your dog if you and your family members are the only ones she gets to interact with? There are compelling reasons why a dog should attend doggy day care either daily or at least a few times every week.

Supervision when you are away

If you and the other members of your family have to leave home every working day, you might think that the only way to deal with your canine is by kenneling at home. This is the option that the vast majority of people think about but experience will show that by the time you report back home you are confronted by a thoroughly bored and even aggressive dog.

Kenneling gives the dog no time for exercise or socializing and you can only expect that your dog will take out her boredom on you when you arrive home. While you are busy working, you’ll feel guilty to know that your dog is alone and unsupervised and you can overcome this by taking your dog to a day care center.

For socialization

A properly socialized dog is pleasure to have while a poorly socialized one is not only an embarrassment but could also easily get involved in unnecessary confrontations. At a day care center, your dog gets the perfect opportunity to interact with other dogs and people and you might not have a better way to socialize her. It is always good to remember that dogs are pack animals and if yours only spends time alone and never interacts with other dogs, she might exhibit negative behaviors.

Experts at hand to give you peace of mind

When your dog spends the day at day care center, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that she is in the hands of experts who take their work seriously and therefore no harm can come to her. Should any emergency arise, you know that there is a vet at hand to handle it. This is particularly important for sickly and elderly dogs and instead of constantly worrying about what could be happening to your best friend you should consider taking her to Paradise Pet Resort or Boarding Dog Day Care Spokane.

Makes her healthier and friendlier

A poorly exercised and socialized dog is not only unhealthy but also unfriendly. At a day care center, your canine will get all the exercise and socializing she needs so that by the time you pick her up at the end of the day she’ll be as tired as you are and both of you will be happy to go and rest. This helps make your dog both healthy and friendly.

Dog Boarding at a Dog Day Care in Spokane

Suppose you suddenly got an emergency that required you to spend several days out of your city or country, what would happen to your dog? Unable to take her with you, you’ll most probably be consumed by guilt if all you can do is take her to a kennel. Just as you’d not like to be caged, neither does your dog. Yet the time must come when you have to leave your dog behind and the best option you have in times like this is to take her to a boarding day care center. Why should you choose this option?

Good for both of you

However great the holiday you are headed to might be, you can never rest easy unless you are sure that your best friend is being taken care of. Why should you then compromise the quality of your vacation because of worry? As you can expect, your dog will be as anxious and nervous as you are if she has to spend the days when you are away in a cage. Anxiety could lead to depression and aggression and you can make your time away stress-free for both you and your dog by taking her to a boarding day care center that enables your dog to be entertained interacting with other dogs.

You are kept updated about the condition of your pet

When you choose a quality dog boarding facility, you’ll not only rest easy in the knowledge that she’s being taken care of but you’ll also get frequent updates about how she’s doing. Just like you, the people who run dog boarding facilities are dog lovers and will give your dog the TLC she needs. You’ll get daily photos of your pet and even videos showing you how she’s playing and socializing with other dogs and the people at her new home.

Specialized attention

Your pet is used to individual attention and people who run boarding facilities know this. Moreover, being pros who deal with all kinds of dogs, the operators of these facilities understand the characters and temperaments of different dog breeds. That means that when you bring your canine friend to Paradise Pet Resort or Boarding Dog Day Care Spokane she’ll be handled by people who know the importance of giving your dog individualized and undivided attention.

Great for socializing and exercising

Even when you are at home, you might not have enough time to socialize and exercise your dog. With our ever-busy lifestyles, most people hardly have enough time to exercise their beloved pets but you can be sure that your pet will have the time of her life at a boarding facility. The pros know the kind of exercise and socializing that is appropriate for all kinds of dogs. They will make sure they take care of both playful and energetic puppies and even elderly dogs.

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